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    • Corruption and wildlife trafficking 

      Wyatt, Tanya; Cao, Anh Ngoc (U4 Issue 2015:11, Research report, 2015-06-03)
      Wildlife trafficking is a growing global concern. It takes place in all regions of the world with those nations with high biodiversity being the source and the consumers of the wildlife as well as transit areas and hubs ...
    • Corruption challenges and anti-corruption in the petroleum sector 

      Amundsen, Inge (Others, 2011-11-23)
      Presentations on corruption (concepts, couses and consequences) and anti-corruption (tools and strategies) in the petroleum sector, Petrad , Stavanger, 3rd November 2011.
    • Corruption definitions and their implications for targeting natural resource corruption 

      Williams, David Aled (Report, 2021-08-01)
      This Brief addresses how understandings of corruption have changed over time, particularly focusing on the practical implications of definitions for how we address corruption. It provides conservation and NRM practitioners ...
    • Corruption et REDD+ : Identifier les risques dans une situation complexe 

      Standing, André (U4 Brief 2012:4, Report, 2012-06-15)
      La corruption et différents facteurs peuvent exercer une influence à double tranchant sur la déforestation. Dans le cadre des procédures nationales de mise en oeuvre de l’initiative REDD+, les donateurs devraient se ...
    • Corruption et revenus forestiers en Papouasie indonésienne 

      Setiono, Bambang (U4 Brief 2009:22, Report, 2009-10-14)
      Sous l’impulsion d’un régime d’abattage durable et bien géré, la Papouasie – parée de la plus dense couverture forestière de l’Indonésie – aurait le potentiel de consacrer de larges revenus forestiers à son développement ...
    • Corruption in Afghanistan and the role of external players 

      Strand, Arne (Others, 2017-03-01)
    • Corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2005. Options for Swedish Development Cooperation 2006-2010 

      Devine, Vera; Mathisen, Harald (Research report, Research report, 2005)
      In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we find that corruption exists in all its facets – bribery, nepotism, embezzlement, diversion of public funds, tax fraud, illegal rent seeking, kick-back schemes etc. The victims of corruption ...
    • Corruption in community-driven development. A Kenyan case study with insights from Indonesia 

      Ensminger, Jean (U4 Issue 2017:9, Research report, 2017-07-01)
      Abstract Community-driven development is a widely employed development strategy for empowering people to choose their own development priorities, to select their own project leaders, and to monitor the implementation of ...
    • Corruption in customs: How can it be tackled? 

      Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge; Filho, Ernani Checcucci; Raballand, Gaël (Enhancing Government Effectiveness and Transparency: The Fight Against Corruption, Chapter, 2020-09-01)
      This chapter examines recent experiences in combating corruption in customs administration in developing countries. There is no lack of measures, norms, standards or ‘best practices’ to address corruption. ...
    • Corruption in Emergencies: What Role for Media? 

      Mortensen, Gemma (U4 Brief 2006:2, Report, 2006-01-01)
      This brief is based on the discussion and recommendations that emerged from a meeting of aid agencies, donors and media experts convened by U4 and NORAD in May 2006. For a more comprehensive report of the meeting, along ...
    • Corruption in Emergencies: What Role for Media? 

      Mortensen, Gemma (U4 Issue 2006:5, Research report, 2006-01-01)
      As part of a broader analysis of corruption in emergencies, the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre initiated a dialogue on the role(s) of the media. On 30 May 2006, a working meeting held at NORAD offi ces in Oslo brought ...
    • Corruption in Fragile States 

      Orre, Aslak Jangård; Mathisen, Harald W. (DIIS Policy Brief - Fragile Situations, Research report, 2008-01-01)
      Policy recommendations: Confronting corruption is part and parcel of building legitimacy and public confidence in fragile states. Corruption creates instability and inefficiency. The tendencies to defer anti-corruption ...
    • Corruption in international business transactions: The perspective of Norwegian firms 

      Søreide, Tina (CMI Reports, Research report, 2004)
      This report presents a study of corruption in international markets by exploring the perspectives of Norwegian firms, their challenges, their experiences and their preferred strategies. The study consists of three parts, ...
    • Corruption in land administration: Roles for donors to minimise the problem 

      Wren-Lewis, Liam (U4 Brief 2013:1, Report, 2013-03-15)
      Land issues have been rising up the agenda of policy makers due to rapid urbanisation and high food prices. Yet, land administration is one of the most corrupt government activities. How should international donors respond? ...
    • Corruption in Montenegro 2007: Overview over Main Problems and Status of Reforms 

      Trivunovic, Marijana; Devine, Vera; Mathisen, Harald (Research report, Research report, 2007-09-12)
      This report was commissioned by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) to provide an analysis of corruption and the progress of anti-corruption activities in Montenegro, with the objective of ...
    • Corruption in Natural Resource Management - An Introduction 

      Kolstad, Ivar; Søreide, Tina; Williams, Aled (U4 Brief 2008:2, Report, 2008-02-01)
      Natural resources often provide fertile ground for corruption. Since a substantial number of partner countries in development cooperation are richly endowed with natural resources, these contexts pose a particular challenge ...
    • Corruption in public procurement. Causes, consequences and cures 

      Søreide, Tina (Research report, Research report, 2002)
      This study explores the problem of corruption in public acquisitions of goods and services. While mainly concentrating on the bureaucratic administration, the discussion often includes the political level. Three aspects ...
    • Corruption in Serbia 2007. Overview of Problems and Status of Reforms 

      Trivunovic, Marijana; Devine, Vera; Mathisen, Harald (Research report, Research report, 2007)
      Corruption is one of the most important problems facing Serbia. While there are some indications that corruption may have become less rampant in recent years, available evidence suggests that corruption levels are still ...
    • Corruption in Tax Administration: Lessons from Institutional Reforms in Uganda 

      Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge (International Handbook on the Economics of Corruption, Chapter, 2006-01-01)
      Over the past two decades many developing countries have implemented comprehensive reforms of their tax administrations in order to increase revenue and curb corruption. This chapter examines recent experiences in the fight ...
    • Corruption in tax administration: Lessons from institutional reforms in Uganda 

      Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge (CMI Working paper, Working paper, 2005)
      Over the past two decades many developing countries have implemented comprehensive reforms of their tax administrations in order to increase revenue and curb corruption. This paper examines recent experiences in the fight ...