• A Promising Experience: Building Peace through Community Development 

      Samset, Ingrid (CMI Brief vol. 6 no. 3, Report, 2007-01-01)
      Mainstream peacebuilding approaches tend to assume that a conflict settlement must be in place before the process of social and economic development can begin. Humanitarian rather than development aid is therefore the norm ...
    • Aid to Judicial Reform: Norwegian and International Experiences 

      Skaar, Elin; Samset, Ingrid; Gloppen, Siri (Research report, Research report, 2004)
      Creating a viable judiciary and strengthening its democratic functions has been a main concern of both national governments and donors over the last two decades. This report attempts to chart and systematise the efforts ...
    • Arven fra folkemordet 

      Samset, Ingrid (Others, 2007-11-01)
      Det blir ikke varig fred i Kongo uten en kursendring i Rwanda.
    • Community Driven Development in Contexts of Conflict. Concept Paper Commissioned by ESSD, World Bank 

      Strand, Arne; Toje, Hege; Jerve, Alf Morten; Samset, Ingrid (Research report, Research report, 2003)
      Violent conflict represents not only a significant barrie r to development; it also wipes out efforts to improve the situation. Experience from many developing countries has shown that Community Driven Development (CDD) ...
    • Er diamantene renvasket? 

      Samset, Ingrid (Others, 2007-01-01)
      Til tross for Kimberley-prosessen kan diamanter fortsatt bidra til både borgerkriger og barnearbeid.
    • Evaluation of the UNDP/UNOPS Peacebuilding and Community Development Project in Ituri, the Democratic Republic of Congo 

      Samset, Ingrid; Madore, Yvon (Research report, Research report, 2006)
      Building peace through community development: this was the key idea of the evaluated project, which was run in the war-torn Ituri district of the DRC from 2003 onwards. The planning of the project did not take sufficiently ...
    • “For the Guarantee of Law and Order”: The Armed Forces and Public Security in Brazil 

      Samset, Ingrid (CMI Working Paper WP 2014:11, Working paper, 2014-09-17)
      The transition to democracy in Brazil came with a significant change in the role the armed forces could play for public security within the country. According to article 142 of the 1988 constitution, the armed forces could ...
    • Maintaining the Process? Aid to Transitional Justice in Rwanda and Guatemala, 1995-2005 

      Samset, Ingrid; Petersen, Stina S.; Wang, Vibeke (Research report, 2007-11-28)
      This report assesses the aid that was given in support of transitional justice processes in Rwanda and Guatemala between 1995 and 2005. The analysis is based on statistical data from the main donor agencies involved and ...
    • Mid-Term Review of the Angola Programme of Norwegian People's Aid 

      Isaksen, Jan; Samset, Ingrid; Pacheco, Fernando (Research report, Research report, 2006)
      The purpose of this review is to assist Norwegian People’s Aid in adapting its Angola programme to reach the objectives it has set for the period from 2004 to 2007. NPA presently works in five provinces and employs more ...
    • Natural resource wealth, conflict, and peacebuilding 

      Samset, Ingrid (Synthesis Series, Research report, 2009-02-02)
      What connections exist between natural resource wealth and violent conflict? What do such connections imply for policies to build peace in resource-rich areas? This synthesis takes stock of what social science research has ...
    • Socio-Economic Effects of Gold Mining in Mali. A Study of the Sadiola and Morila Mining Operations 

      Jul-Larsen, Eyolf; Kassibo, Bréhima; Lange, Siri; Samset, Ingrid (Research report, Research report, 2006)
      In the last decade Mali has experienced a gold boom. Today Mali is Africa’s third largest producer of gold and has one of the world’s most gold-dependent economies. This study looks at how the advent of gold mining has ...
    • UN peacekeeping in the Congo: When is the job done? 

      Samset, Ingrid (Noref Policy Brief 6, June, Research report, 2010-06-01)
      On 28 May 2010, the United Nations Security Council made a critical decision on the future of the UN peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Monuc) – the largest and most costly such operation in ...