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  • Forum: Critical ethnography 

    Johais, Eva; Leser, Julia; Kusic, Katarina; Eggeling, Kristin Anabel; Weißenfels, André; Streinzer, Andreas; Davey, Ryan; Kocks, Johanna; Anderl, Felix; Merkle, Lena; Leander, Anna (Journal article, 2023-01-01)
    Ethnography is a political practice with an ambivalent relationship to power. On the one hand, it has benefitted from, legitimized and stabilized hegemonic power relations. On the other hand, it can challenge the self-evidence ...

    Sulieman, Hussein M.; babiker, Adam; Ahmed, Abdel Ghaffar (Nomadic Peoples vol. 28 no. 1, Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2024-04-01)
    This study followed an interdisciplinary mixed approach that consisted of social research methods and geospatial technology to investigate the livestock mobility of four pastoralist groups from Sudan and two Ethiopian ...
  • Book Review: Tine Gade, Sunni City: Tripoli from Islamist Utopia to the Lebanese 'Revolution' 

    Forster, Robert (Others, 2024-05-01)
    Why did so many episodes of Lebanon’s contentious politics in the last century occur in Tripoli? In her work, Sunni City , Tine Gade traces the hundred-year trajectory (1920-2020) of the ‘Sunni ...
  • Evaluation of Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative Support to Civil Society 

    Sagmo, Tove; Williams, Aled (Evaluation Report 1/2024, Research report, 2024-04-01)
    The Evaluation Department at Norad, in collaboration with CMI and Vista Analyse, has conducted an evaluation of the Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative's support to civil society. The purpose of this ...
  • Wind and solar energy in Mexico and Kenya: Corruption risks and drivers 

    Oviedo, Juan Camilo Ceballos; Sovacool, Benjamin K.; Mullard, Saul (U4 Issue 2024:1, Research report, 2024-04-01)
    Renewable energy, prone to 'old corruption', reveals shared risks in Mexico and Kenya. Corruption impacts policymaking, planning, and communities, demanding tailored measures and robust implementation.

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