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  • Humanitarian Diplomacy: Interview with Jan Egeland 

    Turunen, Salla (Others, 2020-11-01)
    Humanitarian diplomacy surrounds the field of humanitarian action and aims to meet humanitarian objectives by diplomatic means. The term itself is most often used by humanitarian practitioners, and as a practitioner-driven ...
  • Temporal governance, protection elsewhere and the ‘good’ refugee: a study of the shrinking scope of asylum within the UK 

    Schultz, Jessica; Kaytaz, Esra (CMI Report 2021:06, Research report, 2021-11-01)
    In recent years European countries have introduced increasingly temporary terms of asylum for people with a recognized need for protection. This study traces the temporary turn in the UK, where asylum policies have ...
  • Protection paradoxes 

    Strand, Arne (Paradoxes of Protection NCHS webinar 25.10.2021, Research report, 2021-10-01)
  • Divine Intervention: Invoking God in Peace Agreements 

    Forster, Robert; Bell, Christine (Wiley Blackwell Companion to Religion and Peace, Chapter, 2022-05-01)
    This chapter examines the use of religious language in peace agreements. They authors begin with a statistical analysis showing the significance of religious terminology in peace agreements 1990–2015 (even in ...
  • Corrupción en el sector salud. Recomendaciones prácticas para donantes 

    Hussmann, Karen (U4 Issue 2020:16, Research report, 2020-12-01)
    La corrupción en el sector salud puede marcar la diferencia entre la vida y la muerte. Tiene graves consecuencias en el acceso, la calidad, la equidad, la eficiencia y la eficacia de los servicios de salud y es un ...

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