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    • Nato i Afghanistan: Fredsbevaring eller antiterroroperasjon? 

      Strand, Arne (Others, 2009-11-10)
    • Natural resource wealth, conflict, and peacebuilding 

      Samset, Ingrid (Synthesis Series, Research report, 2009-02-02)
      What connections exist between natural resource wealth and violent conflict? What do such connections imply for policies to build peace in resource-rich areas? This synthesis takes stock of what social science research has ...
    • Natural resources, corruption and trust: A complex relationship 

      Kolstad, Ivar; Wiig, Arne (U4 Issue 2011:14, Research report, 2011-12-13)
      Do natural resources reduce social trust? And if so, do natural resources have a direct effect on trust, or is their effect indirect through variables such as corruption? This issue paper reviews the literature on natural ...
    • Navigating complexity. A review of training for peace in Africa 

      Tjønneland, Elling N.; Albertyn, Chris (Research report, 2010-06-10)
      Training for Peace in Africa (TfP) has, since its start in 1995, been provided with NOK 170 million to strengthen African capacities for participation in peace support operations. This includes NOK 70 million for the current ...
    • Navigating Seas, Markets, and Sovereignties: Fishers and Occupational Slippage in the South China Sea 

      Roszko, Edyta (Anthropological Quarterly vol. 94 no. 4, Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021-12-01)
      Oceans have always been arenas of crime, drugs and human trafficking, and poaching. When such violations occur on fishing boats, they fall under the rubric of “fisheries crime.” Political scientists and economists ...
    • Neglect, Control and Co-optation: Major features of Ethiopian Youth Policy Since 1991 

      Kefale, Asnake; Dejen, Mohammed; Aalen, Lovise (CMI Working Paper WP 2021:3, Working paper, 2021-07-01)
      Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous state, has a young population with more than 70 percent of its inhabitants below the age of 35. Ethiopian regimes have a history of youth neglect and repression, and more ...
    • Negotiating access to health care for populations affected by conflict 

      Guru, Raju Sira Mahalingappa (CMI Working Paper WP 2021:6, Working paper, 2021-10-01)
      Abstract This Working Paper seeks to understand the tools required to allow negotiations for the access of health care by populations affected by humanitarian disasters. A review of theoretical knowledge about health ...
    • Negotiating the "In-between". Modernizing Practices and Identities in Post-colonial Tunisia 

      Tjomsland, Marit (Research report, Research report, 1992)
      The study focuses on the Tunisian post-colonial process of modernization and its effects on Tunisians of different generations, gender, and educational backgrounds. Interviews with illiterates as well as university graduates ...
    • Nepal: A political economy analysis 

      Hatlebakk, Magnus (Report, Research report, 2017-11-01)
      This report is an integrated political economy analysis of Nepal. The main finding is that economic growth and poverty reduction have been steady in Nepal since the mid-1980s independently of a number of political upheavals, ...
    • Networks, distance and trust: Telecommunications and changing trading practices in Ghana 

      Overå, Ragnhild (CMI Working paper, Working paper, 2004)
      Ghana liberalized its telecom sector in 1995. This study looks at the impact of the phenomenal growth in access to telephones on the business practices of traders in cloth, fish and agricultural produce. The article examines ...
    • New study hints on country's business barriers 

      Gumbo, Perege; Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge; Kolstad, Ivar; Nygaard, Knut (Others, 2007-08-01)
    • New ways to measure institutionalised grand corruption in public procurement 

      Fazekas, Mihály; Tóth, István János (U4 Brief 2014:9, Report, 2014-10-27)
      Public procurement, one of the largest areas of public spending worldwide, gives public officials wide discretion. It is therefore unsurprising that it is also one of the government functions most often vulnerable to ...
    • NGOs and corruption in post-war reconstruction: The case of Bosnia's refugee return 

      Devine, Vera (U4 Practice Insight 2011:3, Report, 2011-02-15)
      In this Practice Insight, the author discusses post-war corruption challenges based on the reconstruction effort and return of refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It describes the dilemmas implementing NGOs were facing ...
    • NGOs in Conflict - an Evaluation of International Alert 

      Sørbø, Gunnar M.; Macrae, Joanna; Wohlgemuth, Lennart (Research report, Research report, 1997)
      This report is an evaluation of International Alert (IA), a London-based international NGO which works to prevent and resolve conflict through fieldwork and advocacy activities in different parts of the world. The report ...
    • Nhân học trên biển [Maritime Anthropology] 

      Roszko, Edyta (Nhan hoc: Nganh khoa hoc ve con nguoi [Anthropology: The Science of Human Beings]. Nha xuat Ban Dai hoc Quoc gia Ha Noi [Vietnam National University Press], Chapter, 2020-12-01)
    • Nigeria: Governance and assistance. A political economy analysis 

      Amundsen, Inge (Others, 2011-06-10)
      Presentasjon av rapporten " Good Governance in Nigeria: A Study in Political Economy and Donor Support " (Oslo, 2010, Norad, Norad Report Discussion no. 17/2010). Studien ble presentert både på et internt antikorrupsjo ...
    • Nigeria: Styresett og bistand. En politisk-økonomisk analyse 

      Amundsen, Inge (Others, 2010-11-19)
      Presentatsjon av rapporten " Good Governance in Nigeria: A Study in Political Economy and Donor Support " (Oslo, 2010, Norad, Norad Report Discussion no. 17/2010). Studien ble presentert både på et internt antikorrupsj ...
    • No city is the same: Livelihood opportunities among self-settled Syrian refugees in Beirut, Tripoli and Tyre 

      Forster, Robert (CMI Insight 2021:1, Report, 2021-03-01)
      The large influx of Syrians displaced into urban areas in Lebanon strained infrastructure and available services. Based on a survey of 450 displaced Syrians in Beirut, Tripoli, and Tyre, this CMI Insight sheds light on the ...
    • No er ikkje tida for arbeidsro 

      Skaar, Elin (Others, 2022-05-01)
      GRANSKING: Her er ei oppmoding til sannings- og forsoningskommisjonen: Skap debatt, skap forventningar og involver majoritetsbefolkinga. Få oss til å venta på sluttrapporten med entusiasme!
    • No Longer a Guest: Permitting Syrians in Sudan 

      Tobin, Sarah A; Kanhoush, Salam (Report, 2020-12-01)
      When Syrian refugees first started arriving to Sudan in 2014 they were welcomed as guests. But Sudan’s economic crisis combined with Syrians’ success in business has created antagonism. The transitional government ...