• "Unleash the hounds!": Wenn Memes und andere Witzfiguren gegen Trolle in den digitalen Informationskrieg ziehen 

      Johais, Eva; Meis, Mareike (Bilder des Krieges. Darstellung und Kommunikation des Krieges im digitalen Zeitalter, Chapter, 2023-11-01)
      The contribution explores the question how humour can be used as a weapon in the social media battlefield of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.
    • WARFUN Diaries - Volume 2 - 2023 

      De Lauri, Antonio; Jelusic, Iva; Mogstad, Heidi; Johais, Eva (Others, 2023-09-01)
      The WARFUN Diaries is an open access publication connected to the project “War and Fun: Reconceptualizing Warfare and Its Experience (WARFUN)”, funded by the European Research Council and led by Research ...