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  • Breaking the silence on domestic violence 

    al-Nagar, Samia; Tønnessen, Liv (Report, 2024-06-01)
    Despite towering evidence of domestic violence in Sudan, many are reluctant to admit that it even exists. This brief argues that this denial could be linked to a lack of understanding of domestic violence.
  • Local Perceptions and Experiences of Smuggling and Human Trafficking in Sudan. The case of North Darfur and Northern State of Sudan 

    Yahya, Abdelmageed M.; Onour, Abdalla (Sudan Working Paper SWP 2024:1, Working paper, 2024-06-01)
    Abstract This study aims to investigate local perceptions about human trafficking in Sudan among migrants who want to travel to Libyan and Europe. The study falls within the domain of qualitative research, with primary ...
  • Bistand eller kjøp av tjenester. Hvordan finansiere bidrag til globale fellesgoder? 

    Mæstad, Ottar (CMI Working Paper WP 2024:1, Working paper, 2024-06-01)
    Dette notatet presenterer et nytt rammeverk for hvordan man kan tenke systematisk på ansvaret for finansieringen av internasjonale bidrag til globale fellesgoder. Det peker også på konkrete tiltak som vil ...
  • Forum: Critical ethnography 

    Johais, Eva; Leser, Julia; Kusic, Katarina; Eggeling, Kristin Anabel; Weißenfels, André; Streinzer, Andreas; Davey, Ryan; Kocks, Johanna; Anderl, Felix; Merkle, Lena; Leander, Anna (Journal article, 2024-01-01)
    Ethnography is a political practice with an ambivalent relationship to power. On the one hand, it has benefitted from, legitimized and stabilized hegemonic power relations. On the other hand, it can challenge the self-evidence ...

    Sulieman, Hussein M.; babiker, Adam; Ahmed, Abdel Ghaffar (Nomadic Peoples vol. 28 no. 1, Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2024-04-01)
    This study followed an interdisciplinary mixed approach that consisted of social research methods and geospatial technology to investigate the livestock mobility of four pastoralist groups from Sudan and two Ethiopian ...

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