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  • Promising but disputed: is Blockchain the answer to fraud and corruption in education? 

    Aarvik, Per (Others, 2021-04-01)
    The promise of a technology delivering trust in trust-less environments, of immutability, security, traceability and transparency, has attracted many different industries to investigate blockchain as a tool to prevent fraud ...
  • Getting armed groups to the negotiating table 

    Clements, Ashley J. (CMI Brief no. 2020:10, Report, 2020-12-01)
    This brief demonstrates how humanitarian diplomatic tools and practices have become particularly important during humanitarian negotiations with armed groups to foster the conditions required for negotiations to begin, and ...
  • A teoria do "encerramento do Ijtihad" no direito islâmico 

    Bonate, Liazzat (Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais vol. 80, Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2008-03-01)
    O postulado da jurisprudência islâmica clássica sobre o “encerramento dos portões do ijtihad”, ou a teoria da abdicação da aplicação do raciocínio ...
  • Islam in Northern Mozambique: A Historical Overview 

    Bonate, Liazzat (History Compass vol. 8 no. 7, Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2010-01-01)
    This article is a historical overview of two issues: first, that of the dynamics of Islamic religious transformations from pre-Portuguese era up until the 2000s among Muslims of the contemporary Cabo Delgado, Nampula, and ...
  • قضات زن در افغانستان: مصاحبه ای با انیسه رسولی – Women Judges in Afghanistan: An Interview with Anisa Rasooli 

    De Lauri, Antonio (CMI Insight 2021:7, Report, 2021-09-01)
    رئیس محکمه استیناف مبارزه با جرایم سنگین فساد اداری و شخصیت برجسته قضای کنونی افغانستان می گوید : " من معتقدم که سیستم قضایی افغانستان جایگاه حقیقی خود را باز می یابد. هنوز مشکلات وجود ...

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