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  • The temporary turn in Norwegian asylum law and practice 

    Schultz, Jessica (CMI Report R 2022:5, Research report, 2022-09-01)
    In Norway during the 1990s, a concept of temporary protection developed both as a principle of asylum for all refugees and as a tool for facilitating and coordinating asylum in situations of rapid and large-scale arrivals. ...
  • Internal climate migration in a new era of scarcity 

    Kolstad, Ivar; Lujala, Päivi; Wiig, Arne (CMI Insight 2022:02, Report, 2022-09-01)
    Hundreds of millions of people in developing countries will have their lives and livelihoods affected by climate change in the coming decades (IPCC 2022). With credible mitigation strategies failing to be implemented, ...
  • EFFEXT Background Paper – National and international migration policy in Ethiopia 

    Gezahegne, Kiya; Bakewell, Oliver (Others, 2022-09-01)
    This EFFEXT Background Paper provides a brief presentation of migration and migration policy dynamics in Ethiopia. It presents an overview of key national and international migration policies, and outlines the key migration ...
  • Analysis of Norway’s Action Plans on Women, Peace and Security 

    Wimpelmann, Torunn; Tjønneland, Elling; Villanger, Espen; Domingo, Pilar (Evaluation Reports 4/2022, Research report, 2022-03-01)
    This report forms part of an evaluation of Norwegian efforts to promote the women, peace and security (WPS) agenda. The main purpose of the overall evaluation is to assess the impact of Norwegian WPS efforts that have been ...

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