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  • Chinese aid – a blessing for Africa and a challenge to western donors 

    Lomøy, Jon (CMI Insight 2021:2, Report, 2021-05-01)
    To Africa, the emergence of China as a major development funder presents a clear advantage. It gives access both to new substantial resources and to areas to which western donors are less willing to contribute. It gives ...
  • ‘Cleaning the womb’: perspectives on fertility control and menstruation among students in Antananarivo, Madagascar 

    Jansen, Karine Aasgaard (Culture, Health and Sexuality: An International Journal for Research, Intervention and Care, Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020-01-01)
    This article discusses students' perspectives on fertility control, including induced abortion, in Antananarivo, Madagascar. The study draws on a total of nine weeks of ethnographic fieldwork conducted in 2016 and 2017. ...
  • Humanitarian Diplomacy - A Bibliography 

    De Lauri, Antonio (Others, 2021-05-01)
    A list of key references in the field of humanitarian diplomacy.
  • La diplomazia umanitaria 

    De Lauri, Antonio (CMI Brief no. 2021:3, Report, 2021-04-01)
    Migliorare l’accesso all’aiuto umanitario in situazioni di conflitto e di emergenza è sempre stata una delle principali preoccupazioni per gli operatori umanitari. Per garantire l’accesso, ...
  • Shatila: The island of (in)stability 

    Haveland, Bjørnar Skaar (Journal article, 2021-02-01)
    The Shatila refugee camp was established in 1949 for Palestinian refugees fleeing Palestine during the Nakba. The camp is located in Beirut next to the Sabra neighbourhood (of the Gaza buildings discussed in the foregoing ...

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